About the Pennwood Middle School PTO

Questions? Email: ptopennwood@gmail.com

Pennwood PTO Objectives

The Parent Teacher Organization is a diverse group of parents/guardians, teachers and administrators dedicated to the well-being of students at our school. The PTO's goal is to support an environment where all students will have educational, enjoyable and memorable experiences at Pennwood Middle School.


Every year the PTO forms committees to work on specific tasks throughout the year. Some committees are ongoing and some occur only once a year. A list of committees and volunteer opportunities with descriptions can be found here. If you decide to chair a committee, you have the flexibility to schedule committee meetings for a time when it's convenient for you. We have an account set up with PTO Sign-Up Genius that all committee members can use to advertise help needed with their activity or task. Any sign-ups created will be prominently displayed on the main PTO webpage to get you the help needed. The Executive Team is also available to help with questions and guidance.

I work full time but would still love to help - what can I do?

If you work full time and are interested in assisting the PTO please contact us to let us know. There is work that can be done at home or after hours. You can also check our Sign-Up Genius to see ongoing volunteer opportunities that would fit your schedule.

2017/2018 Accomplishments

  • Provided donations of food and other items for the 6th grade picnic.
  • Purchased music stands for the Music Department.
  • Purchased GiftCards per Administration request for Student raffles.
  • Fulfilled teacher requests for school supplies.
  • Promoted and communicated school events and information to parents.
  • Contributed to teacher appreciation by hosting a teacher breakfast and a faculty luncheon.
  • Planned, organized and funded the 8th Grade Happening.
  • Donated towards the Pennsbury Scholarship Fund.
  • Purchased grocery gift cards for Pennwood families to use for Thanksgiving.
  • Provided and distributed Hot Chocolate for Student Council Event.
  • Assisted with the Pennwood Mixer by providing funding for Unity T-Shirts.
  • Assisted School Administration with the Magazine Drive (a fundraiser that supports the Student Activity Account/SAA) by providing volunteers and prizes.
  • Purchased and assembled Back to School folders.
  • Paid for Philadelphia Orchestra concert.
  • Provided funding for Eagles Pep Rally decorations.
  • Held a large fundraiser that benefited Luke's HEROinMe Foundation.

Why get involved?

We need your help!

These days schools are asked to do more with less. Your help is needed more than ever to fill the gaps. YES - parent volunteers are needed and welcomed in Middle School!

Your child benefits

When parents are connected to the school, children do better.

We make a big difference

We provide support for the teachers and school administration in and out of the classroom.

Meet new people who share your concerns and motivation.

We have a common bond. We care about creating the best possible experience for our children. We are neighbors and peers who share many of the same experiences. Many friendships have developed as a result of these connections.

How can you get involved?
  1. Attend PTO meetings. They are held the second Thursday of every month at 9.30am in the student dining room. Younger siblings are welcome!
  2. Sign up for the PTO EBlast and make a donation to help support the PTO.
  3. Sign up to join a Committee or send us an email to ask how you can help.
Our continued success depends on you!